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Organizing your nail polish!

30 Apr

I am a nail polish junkie.  In case you didn’t already know.

That said, I have a larger collection of nail polish than most nail salons…and am always looking for new ways to contain and organize my stash.  Nail polish racks can be expensive sometimes, so I’ve found a bunch of different inexpensive ways to store polish, whether you have a few bottles or a complete store full…

Hanging plastic organizers


Using/Dressing up old spice racks


Using an old picture frame


making drawers/boxes

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Using different containers


Or even magnetic pods


What do you think? How would you store your polish?

Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange 2013

19 Apr


Right now (April 19-26), in honor of Earth Day, Zoya is helping you get rid of your old nail polish (that may not be 5free) and exchange it for Zoya’s vegan, greener alternative polish!  There are over 300 colors to choose from! All you have to do is visit Zoya.com and add what polishes you want (no less than 6, no more than 24…pixie dust collection excluded) to your cart, then use the promo code ZOYAEARTH2013 to receive 50% off! (the percentage covers the cost to dispose of the exchanged bottles.) They ship you the bottles, and then when you receive your order, you ship your unwanted polishes back to them! This is done using the honor system…so it’s up to you if you actually send bottles in…but it would be a nice thing to do in honor of Earth Day and as a Thanks to Zoya…plus it is pretty nice getting half off!  As a polish creator myself (LaLa Lacquers), I appreciate other companies like Zoya who also make a greener alternative for those who prefer it. (Soooo…use the code YAYEARTHDAY when you shop LaLaLacquers on Etsy.com and receive a dollar off a bottle of nail polish!)

Nails for the Day (with LaLa Lacquers)

18 Apr


My nails were way overdue for a polish change…Orly Hot Shot for the base and LaLa Lacquers Wicked Wetsuit for the topcoat

To check out/purchase this and other polishes by LaLa Lacquers you can visit the Etsy Shop at: etsy.com/shop/LaLaLacquers

or on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/LaLaLacquers

Moon Mani

14 Apr

So I’ve noticed a nail trend that caught my eye and has spread pretty quickly: the moon mani.  It’s actually been around for a while but I think it’s making a comeback with a few new twists.  These are a couple that I thought were really cool:




What do you think? Would you try this on your nails?

Tifffany Blue Mani

22 Mar



I love the color blue, especially Tiffany’s signature color! I used ChinaGlaze Aquadelic and then for the bling ring finger I used Essie No Place Like Chrome with Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins on top! The ring finger is super holographic and adds a nice bit of sparkle to shake things up!

Zoya Nail Polish (Get a bottle FREE)

10 Mar


Zoya Nail Polish=Love! This nail polish is the best and longest wearing natural nail polish that I’ve come across, and it comes in over 300 shades!  One of the brand new collections is a special textured edition called Pixie dust (shown above.)  I just ordered Dahlia and Godiva :


Not only is the polish itself awesome, but the company is always having different promotions and deals!  Right now there is a program called Share The Love, which is a rewards program for everyone.  It starts with creating an account (free of course) and then copying and sharing the “Share the Love” link.  Any time that someone clicks on your link and creates an account, they receive a credit for a FREE bottle of Zoya Nail Polish that they can use right away! And you receive 100 points for each click.  The points in turn can be used on coupon codes and gifts!  All your information will be located in the “My Account” section.  I did it and have a free bottle on the way as we speak! So, if you’d like, click on the link below and check it out..if you create an account through my link you will get the free bottle of nail polish and access to a link to copy and share with others.


Enjoy the free nail polish!