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Mila’s Room

11 Jun

So my little bundle of joy is due to arrive this September, and I have not been able to quit making/buying things for her and her room!  I painted the walls an aqua blue green color, revamped an old and ugly brown dresser into a beautiful white one with new hardware, and decorated the room with hot pink, orange, and white colors.  It is a work in progress, still have more to do!  I was thinking of creating a unique design above her crib rather than the cliché letters that spell out her name…there’s also some more furniture to be added, and then the whole room tidied up.  What do you think so far?

crib chair  dress curtainhamper

Zebra tips (they glow in black light!)

15 May


Felt like doing a little animal print today but didn’t want to cover the entire nail.  I used LaLa Lacquers’ HyperGlow Pink Bikini which is black light reactive, and striped on black zebra stripes and finished with a clear top coat.

Would you do animal print nails?

A different design for each nail…

14 May


I love variety when it comes to nail art…especially because I get bored quickly and I am constantly changing my nail polish designs!  I love the idea of creating a different mini work of art on each individual nail, yet keeping a theme that ties them all together and keeps it cohesive.  It’s pretty simple to do…just pick a theme and go from there…make sure to use similar colors/add-ons on each nail ( you don’t want to mix a neon green with a matte oxblood color, ick!)

What do you think of this? Pink and Black are my favorite colors 😉


I saw this one and thought it was cool too:


Holiday Nails: Easter Eggs!

18 Mar


I’ve tried all different types of nail designs for Easter, from chicks and bunnies to tulips and baskets, but the Easter egg is my favorite of all.  I like starting out with an ombré nail (for instructions on this check out my very first post in the Polished section.. All the Rage: Ombré)
If you use a glitter polish for this it comes out nicely.  Then I finish with little stripes, polka dots, and zig-zags of different colors. Clear coat and viola! Easter egg nails! (Warning: do not attempt to eat these! )