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DIY bracelets

13 Aug

Feeling a little crafty today and caught this cute DIY bracelet idea off Pinterest… what a simple, fun project! Just take some old bangles (or you can find cheap ones at the store) and some colored string, glue one end of the string to the bangle and wrap the rest around, adding some tiny charms and pendants to give it a little something special!



NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Introduces Final 12

25 Jun

Check out these Nail Artists and some of their amazing work!!

Click the link below

NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Introduces Final 12.

Holiday Nails: Easter Eggs!

18 Mar


I’ve tried all different types of nail designs for Easter, from chicks and bunnies to tulips and baskets, but the Easter egg is my favorite of all.  I like starting out with an ombré nail (for instructions on this check out my very first post in the Polished section.. All the Rage: Ombré)
If you use a glitter polish for this it comes out nicely.  Then I finish with little stripes, polka dots, and zig-zags of different colors. Clear coat and viola! Easter egg nails! (Warning: do not attempt to eat these! )