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Tropical nails

30 Jul

With the temperature rising this time of year, I feel like closing my eyes and drifting away to a tropical island…these island inspired nails are pretty awesome!

beach nail 3beach nail 5beach nail
beach nail2beach nail 4

Ooh La La (Lacquers!)

13 Jul

Next Friday I have my first show as a vendor…I am selling some of my hand made nail lacquer that I make and sell online.  (The name of the line is LaLa Lacquers and is found on  ) . I managed to get in the “lab” this week and produce a good amount of polishes to bring along.  Here are some (not so great) photos of a few of the color samples, all of which will be made available for sale on Etsy:



NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Introduces Final 12

25 Jun

Check out these Nail Artists and some of their amazing work!!

Click the link below

NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Introduces Final 12.

Rainbow Nails

11 Jun

Since it’s been raining so much around here lately I figured it would be nice to see the sun come out and catch a few rainbows…Here’s some rainbow inspired nail art that I would like to try out:

jaemarie2008_328332_l lstoffer_299644_m flightofwhimsy_328277_m dulllikeglitter_304051_m luislovenails_311476_m laynie_221416_m radid_328544_h

Here’s hoping for some rainbows and sunshine ahead!

Studded Nails

29 May

Here’s a trend that I absolutely love and adds an extra oomph to any set of nails…Studs!

You can find them in beauty stores, nail salons, drug stores, on line, and many other places.  They are inexpensive and are easily applied with nail art glue.

These studded nails caught my eye:



What do you think? Would you try these out?


Zebra tips (they glow in black light!)

15 May


Felt like doing a little animal print today but didn’t want to cover the entire nail.  I used LaLa Lacquers’ HyperGlow Pink Bikini which is black light reactive, and striped on black zebra stripes and finished with a clear top coat.

Would you do animal print nails?

A different design for each nail…

14 May


I love variety when it comes to nail art…especially because I get bored quickly and I am constantly changing my nail polish designs!  I love the idea of creating a different mini work of art on each individual nail, yet keeping a theme that ties them all together and keeps it cohesive.  It’s pretty simple to do…just pick a theme and go from there…make sure to use similar colors/add-ons on each nail ( you don’t want to mix a neon green with a matte oxblood color, ick!)

What do you think of this? Pink and Black are my favorite colors 😉


I saw this one and thought it was cool too:


Neon Nails!

4 May

Summer is soon to come and I have fallen in love with anything neon…the majority of the new clothing I’ve bought is neon, so I must match my mani with my new outfits!  Here’s some super bright neon manis that I thought were pretty nifty…




I especially thought that the black light sensitive polishes were pretty awesome…in fact I have a neon orange and neon pink black light sensitive polish that I sell myself! For those of you who don’t know, I create and sell handmade “3-FREE “nail lacquer.  Check it out if you would like…( (or on Facebook: and use the code PRETTYPOLISHED for $2.00 OFF a reg priced bottle now until May 15.

Nails for the Day (with LaLa Lacquers)

18 Apr


My nails were way overdue for a polish change…Orly Hot Shot for the base and LaLa Lacquers Wicked Wetsuit for the topcoat

To check out/purchase this and other polishes by LaLa Lacquers you can visit the Etsy Shop at:

or on Facebook at:

Moon Mani

14 Apr

So I’ve noticed a nail trend that caught my eye and has spread pretty quickly: the moon mani.  It’s actually been around for a while but I think it’s making a comeback with a few new twists.  These are a couple that I thought were really cool:




What do you think? Would you try this on your nails?