Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange 2013

19 Apr


Right now (April 19-26), in honor of Earth Day, Zoya is helping you get rid of your old nail polish (that may not be 5free) and exchange it for Zoya’s vegan, greener alternative polish!  There are over 300 colors to choose from! All you have to do is visit Zoya.com and add what polishes you want (no less than 6, no more than 24…pixie dust collection excluded) to your cart, then use the promo code ZOYAEARTH2013 to receive 50% off! (the percentage covers the cost to dispose of the exchanged bottles.) They ship you the bottles, and then when you receive your order, you ship your unwanted polishes back to them! This is done using the honor system…so it’s up to you if you actually send bottles in…but it would be a nice thing to do in honor of Earth Day and as a Thanks to Zoya…plus it is pretty nice getting half off!  As a polish creator myself (LaLa Lacquers), I appreciate other companies like Zoya who also make a greener alternative for those who prefer it. (Soooo…use the code YAYEARTHDAY when you shop LaLaLacquers on Etsy.com and receive a dollar off a bottle of nail polish!)

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