Zoya Nail Polish (Get a bottle FREE)

10 Mar


Zoya Nail Polish=Love! This nail polish is the best and longest wearing natural nail polish that I’ve come across, and it comes in over 300 shades!  One of the brand new collections is a special textured edition called Pixie dust (shown above.)  I just ordered Dahlia and Godiva :


Not only is the polish itself awesome, but the company is always having different promotions and deals!  Right now there is a program called Share The Love, which is a rewards program for everyone.  It starts with creating an account (free of course) and then copying and sharing the “Share the Love” link.  Any time that someone clicks on your link and creates an account, they receive a credit for a FREE bottle of Zoya Nail Polish that they can use right away! And you receive 100 points for each click.  The points in turn can be used on coupon codes and gifts!  All your information will be located in the “My Account” section.  I did it and have a free bottle on the way as we speak! So, if you’d like, click on the link below and check it out..if you create an account through my link you will get the free bottle of nail polish and access to a link to copy and share with others.


Enjoy the free nail polish!

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