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LaLa Lacquers!

31 Mar


So maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t beeen posting as often as normal…and that’s because I have been hard at work creating and opening my own Etsy shop where I sell handmade nail polishes! I created the unique polishes with 3-free bases and pigments along with solvent resistant glitters…all from scratch (not mixing already existing polishes together like many do) so each polish is individually crafted and unique (and beautiful!)

You can visit my shop on Etsy:

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Here’s one of the polishes named ‘Surfing Fiji’:


Pink and Punk

29 Mar


decided to go for a pink and black theme today using essie good morning hope (pink) and china glaze liquid leather (black)
hope you like! (sorry this was taken before i cleaned around the edges of my nails)

DIY Simple Summer Body Scrubs

28 Mar


Want to get rid of your dry Winter skin and beach body beautiful?  Here are two DIY scrubs that you can make at home and will leave your skin silky smooth!

For a yummy coconut-scented scrub:

you will need

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup virgin coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • a jar/container to hold the mixture

To make this scrub, add the coconut oil to the brown sugar and mix it really well, adding the vanilla extract at the end and mixing a little more.

For a nice summer glow:

You will need:

  • 1/2 cup cane sugar
  • 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • a couple drops of essential oil (we used lavender)
  • a jar/container to hold the mixture

Just whip these ingredients together, put into a container, and you’ve got your scrub!

(TIP: keep scrubs in airtight containers and keep water out to preserve for a few weeks)


Autism Awareness Nail Art!

28 Mar


In light of Autism Awareness, which is celebrated this year on April 2, I am posting this awesome awareness art!  This design was stamped on, but you can find some pretty cool and inexpensive nail decals online (try or you can paint the designs on yourself.  If you’re interested in showing support for those affected by Autism…wear the color Blue this April (the colored puzzle pieces are also symbols for this). My baby brother is affected by Autism and our family appreciates your support! Light it up Blue!

Thanks so much!

The amazing benefits of Coconut Oil!

23 Mar

coconutcoco oilcoco

Coconut oil.  This is one product that should be a staple in every household! It smells yummy and can be found easily.  It comes from the Philippines (shout out to my fellow Filipinas/Filipinos!) but Trader Joe’s has it at a good price.  I use it every morning to wash my face and wake up!…but there are hundreds of uses for the stuff! Here’s just some of it’s benefits:

Beauty wise:

  • moisturizes skin (amazingly)
  • can be made into an awesome body scrub
  • removes makeup
  • can be used in place of shave gel/cream
  • use as deodorant
  • smooths frizz and conditions hair
  • cleans makeup brushes
  • prevents acne breakouts
  • smooths appearance of wrinkles
  • and many more!

Health wise:

  • helps eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis
  • lowers cholesterol
  • aids in weight loss (even though it’s a fat, your body uses it to produce energy instead)
  • stimulates metabolism and thyroid function
  • supports the immune system
  • helps control blood sugar for those with Diabetes
  • reduces heart disease
  • improves cognitive function in the brain
  • when applied to skin it forms a protective antibacterial layer for infected body parts
  • speeds up healing time of bruises, wounds
  • soothes bites, heals burns
  • helps treat athlete’s foot
  • is a decongestant
  • helps treat ringworm
  • treats lice, dandruff
  • increases milk flow of nursing mothers when consumed
  • speeds recovery from sickness
  • and even helps treat stinky doggie breath!

There are plenty more uses but I thought these were the most interesting and beneficial.  I’d love to hear what other great uses are out there!

Penny Pincher: DIY Beach Sea Salt Spray for Hair

22 Mar


Love the look of beachy waves in your hair?  While it may not yet be Summer, you can still obtain the look by using Sea Salt spray…and I’ve got a DIY version that works just as good as the kind you can buy in the store. Just a few simple ingredients which you may already have at home:

  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Sea salt
  • Coconut oil (or even olive oil will do)
  • 8-16 oz water depending on the size of your bottle
  • Yummy smelling essential oil (if you want to add a nice scent along with the coconut)

Just mix the water, essential oil, coconut oil (no more than 1 tbsp per 8oz), and the sea salt (more salt=more texture) in the plastic bottle. Shake it up until the oil mixes well.
Now you’re ready to go! Just spray onto damp hair and scrunch with your fingers to get nice, natural, beachy waves!


Tifffany Blue Mani

22 Mar



I love the color blue, especially Tiffany’s signature color! I used ChinaGlaze Aquadelic and then for the bling ring finger I used Essie No Place Like Chrome with Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins on top! The ring finger is super holographic and adds a nice bit of sparkle to shake things up!

Make your own organic salsa garden!

21 Mar


If you love salsa or gardening or just being outside, this project is for you!  Personally, i eat salsa with or on almost every meal, and started growing my own salsa garden last year.  I love the freshness of the salsa when it comes straight from my own garden!  I also get to choose exactly what type of ingredients are put into the salsa, so I chose to grow all organic seeds in organic soils. So here’s what you need to do:

  • Plan out a garden space including areas for each type of plant (I planted tomatoes, tomatillos, garlic, basil, cilantro, green and red chilies, bell peppers, and jalapenos) and make sure that it will receive at least SIX hours of sunlight each day.

Here’s an example (they used a few different plants but you get the idea):Image

  • Buy your seeds ahead of time, some seeds can be planted/sown indoors 6-8 weeks     before being transplanted outdoors.  I started my chili peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and basil indoors in a mini greenhouse..they sell starter pellets or starter kits at any garden shop.
  • Dig out your garden space a few inches down and make sure the soil is ready for planting.
  • Plant your seeds according to the package they came in, making sure there is no threat of a frost (usually around May-June) and also transplant the started plants outdoors carefully. I use eco-friendly starter pots that can be planted directly into the ground and covered with soil.  Make sure you plant the garden around 2 months before you plan to harvest your ingredients.
  • Water your garden as needed and when it does not rain
  • Harvest your ingredients and wash before making them into a delicious salsa of your choice! YUMMY!


Holiday Nails: Easter Eggs!

18 Mar


I’ve tried all different types of nail designs for Easter, from chicks and bunnies to tulips and baskets, but the Easter egg is my favorite of all.  I like starting out with an ombré nail (for instructions on this check out my very first post in the Polished section.. All the Rage: Ombré)
If you use a glitter polish for this it comes out nicely.  Then I finish with little stripes, polka dots, and zig-zags of different colors. Clear coat and viola! Easter egg nails! (Warning: do not attempt to eat these! )


Penny Pincher: DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

14 Mar


Ever have a deep conditioning treatment done at a salon?  I used to get one every time I visited for a shampoo and haircut.  Always left my hair feeling silky smooth, but also left my pocket pretty empty..and considering my hair is super long, it was always an extra charge.  So I started looking for recipes  for deep conditioning treatments…and found and awesome one that they use at The Broot (which is a hair treatment bar that uses organic products instead of chemicals.)  The treatment there is about $35 a pop if I’m not mistaken.  Well, you can make your own version at home with a few simple natural products!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1/4 cup mayonaise
  • 1/2 an avacado
  • 2 oz water
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil

Just mix these ingredients and apply to your hair…leave on for 20 minutes or so…shampoo and rinse and you’re done! Beautiful, hydrated hair!